Hey guys! Hope you are doing well. I had a lovely weekend and a great start of the week, even though I was super busy finishing some tasks and getting ready for a small trip to CPH. I have only been in the capital once before and only for one day. I didn’t have the opportunity to visit for a longer period before, but here I am now, sitting in the train and going to spend the next few days in this beautiful danish city.

Dayana fashion and lifestyle blogger

I am visiting a friend, who lives there with her husband and child, and I am super excited to spend some time with them. I am lucky to have friends in CPH, where I can stay, when visiting the capital. What I am mostly excited about is to finally be able to stroll around the city, without having to hurry and try to see everything in one day, like the last time I was there. I did indeed manage to see a lot of Copenhagen for this 1 day last year, but I think it was too stressful and rushed. Now I have 3 full days to do sightseeing, shopping, eating and whatever my soul feels like doing, haha! 😀

Dayana fashion and lifestyle blogger

I barely managed to fit my luggage in this small suitcase, just because I needed to take heels with me, in case of a fancy night out. 😀 But they seriously take so much space… Anyway that’s what we do for fashion and beauty. I picked a small suitcase, because I decided to travel with a train. I was wondering for a long time before the trip if I should take the plane instead, as it only takes 30 min and the train – 5 hours. The reason why I picked the first is that LOVE traveling with a train. I just enjoy starring at the window and take joy of the beauty of our nature. Denmark, even if lacking mountains and being totally flat, has its own beauty – lakes, fields and lots of GREEN. <3 I just think it is so relaxing to travel with a train and look outside, while listening to music and drinking coffee.

Dayana fashion and lifestyle blogger

For my time in CPH, I haven’t really made a special program to follow, but instead I just want to enjoy few days of chill, relax, good company and beautiful sights.

That’s for now from this short post. Let me know if you have some good tips for restaurants or places to see while in CPH. Thanks for stopping by, lovelies. Enjoy the rest of this week! Follow up my Instagram Story for details from the trip.

Much love <3

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