Hey guys, hope you are doing well and your week is going good. Today I would like to share my current fashion obsession and to show you this beautiful off the shoulder shirt I got from the online store Shein. I fell so much in love with the open shoulder detail and I can’t really stop wearing it for different occasions. <3

Flirty off the shoulder detail

I remember this open shoulder trend being popular back in the years when I still didn’t know how to put make up on or what fashion is all about. Now as a considered grown up, the trend is back and I can’t be more happy about it. I love the little flirty detail in it –  not showing off too much, but still enough to create a great tease.
Off the shoulder blue shirt trend

Blue open shoulder fashion shirt

Open shoulder blue shirt

Oversized shirt with an open shoulder

I love the fact that the shirt is blue (absolutely obsessed with this color), but what I mostly adore about it is that it is oversized. Worn with skinny black jeans, I find it as a perfect casual outfit as the two really complement each other. I really appreciate and like the freedom, oversized fashion gives. I love oversized knit, tops and sweatshirts and I think it really tops everything else in comfortability. I guess the shirt can be tucked in the pants, but I liked the look better with a free fall.

Off the shoulder blue shirtOff the shoulder shirtOpen shoulder shirtBlue shirt open shoulderShop the look:

  1. Open Shoulder Collared Shirt

Shein.com is an online boutique offering contemporary women’s fashion at affordable prices. They have a huge diversity of products for all needs and tastes. I was really impressed and I even had a hard time choosing something, as there are so many great things that I wish I own. You can check their products HERE.

Sponsored by Shein.com

That was it for today’s entry. I hope you guys enjoyed reading and I would love to hear your thoughts about current fashion favourites. Have a lovely day and talk to you soon.

Much love <3

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