Have you ever been in love? With a perfume? I think I am… London brought a lot of nice experiences and memories, but I have to admit that I found such a special treasure in this city that I had to take it with me back to Denmark, haha. I am talking about “Mon Guerlain” – the perfume by the exquisite, old, french company that stole my heart.

The story behind the purchase

We were walking on Oxford Street in London and we entered the famous shopping center – Selfridge. A nice lady offered me to smell the new scent by GUERLAIN – apparently a master in perfumery since the year of 1828. I didn’t know the brand before so I took the small scented piece of paper the shop assistant gave me and went out of the store. And…oh my… This smell… I can’t even describe the way I felt the moment I smelled it. It was so special, so powerful yet very fine and feminine fragrance. I got totally obsessed with it at that exact moment.

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You know how sometimes you discover something and from the first seconds you can say – this is something that I need to have. Well, I thought just like that for that perfume, but unfortunately didn’t have the time to go back to the store. And I was constantly smelling the small piece of paper along the way to the Buckingham palace when suddenly… I lost it. 😀 I don’t know how, but I knew that I can’t go back anyway and that this little piece of scent will not satisfy me in the long run. I NEEDED that perfume. Anyway on the way back to Denmark, me and J had some time at the airport and guess what was the first thing I did at the Duty Free shop – I looked for the perfume. But I couldn’t remember the brand name and then my hero came along. It turned out Jonas kept the small paper and I could read the name of the brand on it. The rest is obvious – I found the perfume and bought 100ml of it. There wasn’t even much thinking about it, because I was simply addicted, haha. And I don’t regret a minute of that purchase, especially when I found out that they don’t sell it in Denmark, or at least in Aalborg.

MON GUERLAIN – A scent to die for

dayana fashion and lifestyle blogger

The fragrance of the perfume is incredibly special and rich as I already said. It enhances materials like: lavender, vanilla, jasmine, etc. This makes the perfume sweet, but definitely not too sweet. I like heavy perfumes so if I accept this one than it is definitely not too sweet. It is very feminine and powerful. It is something I cannot even describe and you have to smell yourselves. I got sooo many compliments already. Friends ask me what perfume I am wearing before I have even given them a hello hug. Everyone loved it and I love wearing it. It really boosts my mood and confidence. I would say the price is pretty reasonable for the special, divine and delicate smell you get. It costed around 82 pounds for 100ml (apx. 700dkk), which I think is a pretty good deal. If you are into perfumes like me and especially these incredible and powerfull fragrances that take your breath away, I would definitely say – that’s the one. They probably sell it on Ebay if you can’t find it in your country so you might check out there.

Anyway thanks for stopping by and reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me about what your favourite perfume or scent is right now. What is your obsession? Take care and have a lovely weekend guys!

Much love <3


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