Hey guys, I hope you are doing well. Exactly one month ago I purchased the so popular hair vitamins – Sugarbearhair. They are so much over the internet, having thousands of likes, followers and comments. Celebrities are advertising them and they have gathered a pretty good crowd online. I am in desperate need of a stronger hair so I am willing to try everything. But of course never without doing a big research before that. I read some reviews from popular blogs, watched some youtubers making videos about it and I was convinced – this is something I need to try. And I haven’t regret my decision for one second since then. This is one month non sponsored review of the vitamins and how they made an impact on my hair as I want to share the results with you.

Major YUMS

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The first thing that made a big impression on me when I first tried the vitamins – they are INCREDIBLY tasty. They taste like candy and I have never tried more yummy hair vitamins before (and I’ve tried many). They have some berry flavor and it is so yums that I find it hard to eat only 2 per day, haha. I love how cute those little bears are and it is the first time I can say that I am looking forward to this one point of the day where I can eat my 2 bears. And the best part is that they are vegetarian and cruelty free. There is just plain vitamins in them so that’s why I wasn’t afraid to try them. They recommend to eat 2 per day for maximum effect and so this is what I did.

Soft and shine

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After approximately 2 weeks of taking the vitamins I already noticed that my hair has become much more softer and shinier than before. I normally had a dry hair and due to a lot of treatment with the flat iron it has lost its shine and good structure. That is one of the main reasons I am willing to try everything to restore the damage. Further more because of the same reason, my hair has stopped growing and I really want a longer hair like I once had. But for this short period of taking the vitamins my hair has indeed started to recover and to get a better texture.

More hair

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In the end of the frist month of eating the bears, I can definitely say that I can feel my hair has gotten much more thicker than before. In my roots I started to feel much more hair when I put my fingers through it.  I an also see some new short hairs have started to grow where I normally have the baby hairs. I was really surprised to really see an effect from Sugarbearhair, as I have tried so many vitamins and they didn’t do any difference especially on the first month.

Improved length

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I haven’t measured my hair by centimeter but when I tight it in pony tail I can definitely see may be a 1cm difference then one month ago. And you know everyone’s hair is different it grows with a different speed. For me 1cm is a miracle, because my hair has totally stopped growing for a while. And the thickness is the best part. I can finally grab my hair in my hand and notice that there is something, haha. So all in all they recommend to take the vitamins minimum 3 months, but you can take them longer until you reach the desired effect and length. They say the effect is not gonna disappear if you stop taking the vitamins and I personally don’t think so, as there is just pure vitamins in them and your body cannot just throw them out if you stop taking the bears.

My conclusion

My conclusion after this 1 month of taking Sugarbearhair is that – I LOVE THEM. I love the taste, I am pleasantly surprised by the effect they had on my hair and I am gonna continue taking them 2 more months at least. I have taken a picture of my hair before I started taking them and I will make one after 2 months more, so I can measure the results then. I didn’t wanna do it now as 1 month is a very short time and unless you take some hormons you cannot have 10cm difference (which I don’t want to do to my body). But I am extremely happy with the results I got in just one month and will definitely recommend them to those of you who would like a stronger hair. In Denmark you can buy them in different hair salons or order from the official website of Sugarbearhair.

All in all I would like to say – THANK YOU Sugarbearhair for making a difference with my hair. <3 This is it for now guys. Thanks for stopping by. Let me hear what you think. Have a lovely day. I am off to London tonight and I am rushing to do all the things I need to do before the flight. <3 Stay tuned with pictures on my IG story.

Much love <3

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