Hey guys! Hope you are doing well. In this post I would like to share with you the shampoo that helped me fight my sudden hair loss. I had a long period of time where thanks to the magical Castor Oil Hair Mask, my hair has become strong, thick and I would almost not see a hair falling from my head.

Hair Loss Struggles & Treatment

I haven’t changed anything in my lifestyle or diet, but even so, I started to notice that my hair is falling much more than usually. I would before have 1,2 hairs in my hair brush after brushing my hair. Now I could see a whole ball of hair. When I shower I could see and feel how much hair I am losing. Suddenly, my thick and strong hair, became visibly thinner. This could of course be, because of lack of vitamins or some unconscious stress, that I am not really aware of. Anyway, I needed to do something about it, so I went to Beautycos – the number 1 store for hair products in town, to seek help. The lady in the store was really helpful and she recommended the System 4 Bio Botanical Shampoo, as a solution to my problem. I have read about Kérastase and that they have some good hair loss products, but this one I have never heard about, and it was in a much lower price range. I trusted the lady’s opinion and decided to give it a shot. This post is not sponsored, so the opinion is mine and mine only.

Hair loss treatment shampoo - System 4 Bio Botanical

My Results with System 4 Bio Botanical Shampoo for Hair Loss and Growth

Let me first say, that I am very sceptic when it comes to those promising descriptions on the shampoo and masks bottles. I have tried a few and they were all promising results, that I didn’t really see even after 3-4 weeks of using them. This product promises help with hair loss and thinning hair. It also says that it stimulates hair growth and calms irritated scalp. I have been now using the System 4 Bio Botanical Shampoo for about 2 weeks and let me be honest – I am seriously impressed. I really didn’t expect that, but my hair loss is visibly reduced and my hair condition improved.

Hair loss treatment shampoo - System 4 Bio Botanical 6

Here are more details about the product:


The product is not the lightest in texture, but also not very heavy, so I would say it is quite ok and there is nothing bothering.


The shampoo is quite minty and herbal and therefore it might give your eyes a bit of pain, like when you are chopping onions, haha! But otherwise it is very refreshing.


The shampoo is not one of those with a lot of lather, which for me is a little problem, as I have to use two handfull of it before I can cover my whole hair.

Hair loss treatment shampoo - System 4 Bio Botanical 5
In combination with my Castor Oil and Rosemary Oil hair mask, this shampoo does wonders! <3

As I mentioned before I am really impressed by the results and I didn’t really expect to see any difference in the condition of my hair, after such a short time using it. I was pleasantly surprised and I am definitely gonna recommend the product, to anyone who suddenly got hairloss. The results I have noticed so far are:

  • Much less hair fall after only few times of using it
  • Better hair condition – shine and thickness (may be it gives some volume)
  • Less greasy hair – I can go for 3-4 days without my hair getting super greasy, which usually was the case. I give that to the deep cleansing the shampoo does to the scalp.
  • Less split ends – I don’t know if this is the shampoo or my Castor Oil Hair Mask, but I noticed an improvement of my ends.

Final thoughts about System 4 Bio Botanical Shampoo

I am definitely happy with the results, as I was getting a bit stressed with this sudden hair fall. It can definitely be a reflection of many things – weather, diet, stress, etc. I am glad that I see improvement after just 2 weeks usage and I am gonna finish the bottle, before I switch back to a normal shampoo. I should definitely grab some multivitamins, to boost my immune system. If you can recommend some to me, you are welcome to leave a comment! 🙂

Hair loss treatment shampoo - System 4 Bio Botanical 2

All in all, for you who also suffer from hair loss – give it a try. The product definitely helped me and I think it can help you as well. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and you found it useful. Thanks for stopping by and talk to you soon.

Much love <3


  1. I have struggled with my hair for a long time now. I am quickly approaching my 30s and I have bad hair quality. Recently, I have also noticed that my hair has stopped growing as it used to. A few years ago I went to the salon on a monthly basis. Now, it takes me almost two months before I even need to cut my hair! I am desperate and I really need help right now. Hair is one of the most important parts of a woman and I don’t want to give up on this one. I went to the doctors but they didn’t found anything wrong with me. The exams I took showed that I am healthy and there’s no reason for this to even happen to me. Please, I really need hair advice urgently!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dayanastaneva Reply

      Hello Elizabeth,

      Thanks for reaching out. I know how frustrating and scary hair loss can be. We should though remember that there could be millions of reasons, why this happens. I know that we all kind of “change fur” few times a year, If I can express myself like that. There are certain periods of time where hair falls more then usual and this is still ok. Stress is a big factor. It might be unconscious and you may be don’t realise it, but it influences a lot (at least for me). Lack of good diet is also something that really gives me a bad hair condition. If the doctors have already checked out and you are healthy, then it is definitely one of the factors mentioned above, that are causing a hair loss. I would suggest you try a hair mask, that really really helped me with my hair – Faster growth, reduced hair loss and better texture. I am talking about Castor oil. You can check and google it and see how much positive feedback it has from people. It does work great in terms of fast hair growth and reduced hair loss. You can read a blog post I have written about that mask and where I share the recipe for it. I hope it will help you. Try thinking about what the reason behind your hair problems might be – stress, diet, water intake, etc. Could be many things, as our bodies are so complicated and everything has a connection with something else. I am giving you the link to the hair mask here and I hope you find it useful and your hair loss reduces very soon. Have a lovely day, sweetie!

      Much love <3


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