Hey guys! Hope you week has started good, with smile and positivity. I definitely had a relaxing Saturday and Sunday, but I am now back in town, ready for some busy days ahead. <3

I am absolutely obsessed with growing long hair right now and I can’t even tell you how many products I am trying and how desperate I am to finally be able to pass this certain length my hair stops growing at. I am putting an extreme care to my hair right now and I can already see results in thickening and improved texture. My hair has totally changed its structure from thin and damaged into thick, healthy looking, after for few months I have been doing the coconut and castor oil hair mask two times a week (especially in the roots and lengths). You can read about the hair mask, how to do it at home and its benefits here. It works unbelievably good with visible results. But now I am fighting another problem – split ends.

Correct trimming is essential

I noticed that despite all the masks, oils and care, I continue to have split ends, which automatically stop the hair growth as the hair gets thinner in the end. Even though I have minimised (almost cut off) treating my hair with flat iron or blow dryer, I simply can’t understand why the splitting continues.  I have tried to trim the split ends myself and it would usually work pretty good, but after a short while they appear again and seem to be even more then before. I soon found out that I have been making a huge mistake – not using professional hair dresser scissors. Apparently cutting your hair with whatever scissors you have at home, damages the hair by cutting it the wrong way, or more correctly said – breaking it. That’s the reason of the appearance of more split ends and when I got to know this, I ordered a professional hair dresser scissors from Amazon.

Goodbye split ends

The result is – much sharper cutting and a completely different feel compared to using ordinary scissors. I have been now using this for a while and I haven’t yet noticed new split ends appearing, which I would say is a good sign, haha! 😀 Apparently the professional scissors play a big role in the correct trimming of the hair, so I will recommend that you get one if you don’t already have.

Hair Washing Routine

Washing the hair is a procedure I cannot neglect and I spend time doing that, every time. I wash my hair appx. 2 times a week, as otherwise it becomes more greasy for a shorter period of time. After I have stayed with the coconut/castor hair mask for 1/2 hours, I wash with shampoo twice, while massaging the scalp for a while, without getting too carried away, as I am really not that patient 😀 Anyway right now I am using a Pantene shampoo – reasonably priced and it makes my hair shiny, visibly stronger and non frizzy. Check it out here. And it smells amazing. After shampooing I will usually use a hair mask, given to me by my hairdresser in Bulgaria, for deep treatment. I wash it off and after that I wrap my hair in a towel. After a while, and being towel dried – I apply my newly discovered, great product against split ends.

Redken Extreme Length Sealer and goodbye to the visibly split ends

Goodbye split ends - Redken extreme length sealer

Seriously – this product is hands down the BEST of what I’ve tried until now. I was wondering for a while if I should get it, because it seemed pretty pricy to me, but in my desperation of fighting split ends, I finally decided to get it. I can only say that it works like magic – first time applying and I already can’t see the majority of my split ends.

The product

Redken is quite popular in Denmark and not only, and it does have a lot of good reviews around the internet, which is why I got convinced to buy the length sealer. The leave-in product is biotin enhanced and helps strengthening the hair by providing weightless conditioning. It concentrates on split ends and it works as a great moisturizer for dry, fragile hair. It smells really good and the nice scent stays quite a while after application.


I apply it on towel dried hair while focusing mostly on the ends. I do put a bit of the product on the length of the hair as well. The packaging is a bit ridiculous according to me as there is this completely unnecessary brush, which is meant for easier application.

Goodbye split ends - Redken extreme length sealer

I find it incredibly uncomfortable to use this brush as it can not spread the product as good as doing it with your fingers. I put an almond size amount of the product in my hand, spread it around my hands and then apply on my ends and lengths.

P.S. You can use it daily on dry hair as well by putting a small amount on the length and ends.


As I already mentioned, the product has a great and visible effect. After one application I could notice on my dried hair, that the split ends are just sealed and non visible. I use it almost every day and I can see a big difference. Another great usage I found out myself is – for styling. When applied on towel dry hair, the product works a little bit like foam and it does make your hair a bit hard which allows those with wavy hair (like me) to style. After drying out you can notice that your ends are a bit also a bit hard and to remove it is good to brush the hair with a thin comb. You can do it after drying or immediately after applying the product. In my every day I use the product as a styling buddy to remove frizzy hair and it works GREAT. But all in all I cannot be more happy to see the incredible reduction of my split ends, which are really annoying me, haha. I would definitely recommend the product to all of you fighting damaged hair and split ends, as it is the first product I try, that works so good for that specific problem.

Price and where to buy

The product is quite pricy. I bough it from Salling for 220kr which I think is a lot, compared to how the size of it (50ml). But I am also super impatient and I wanted to buy it right there right now, instead of waiting for few days and ordering it online where you can find it for a much better price of 130kr. For those living in Denmark, you can get it here.

Goodbye split ends - Redken extreme length sealer


So with a good trimming once in a while, hair mask 2 times a week and my new favourite product by Redken, I hope am gonna win the fight with split ends :D. I am now planning to get the Lee Stafford’s hair growth treatment, as I read good reviews about it and I hope it can be a good addition to my hair growth procedure. Let me know if you have tried it and what you think about it.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found it useful. Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely day!

Much love <3


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