Hey guys! Hope you are doing well and had a good weekend. Mine was incredibly busy, but super fun and entertaining, celebrating a double family birthday. Anyway, this post is about something else – sharing some details and snaps of this gorgeous black watch from the fascinating danish brand ChrisCopenhagen. I got it last week and I seriously couldn’t wait for it to arrive as it is exactly the type of watch I have been wanting to own forever. <3

ChrisCopenhagen – black on black

Black is a classic, but black on black is an unique and incredibly stylish combination. Have been wanting to own this design for a while now and I was lucky to find this beautiful and bold timepiece by ChrisCopenhagen.

Chriscopenhagen watches
Packaging is no less impressive then the watch itself! <3
Danske ure ChrisCopenhagen
Loving the 10 o’clock detail <3

Chriscopenhagen ur

More then just a watch

Created by the successful businessman Chris Kaiser Sørensen, the brand offers a big diversity of male and female watches, fitting every preference and style. The interesting fact about this danish watch brand is that every watch comes with a story. The founder have developed and created a collection of designs inspired by his own experiencing of meeting different types of people during the years. The watches are of great quality with a scratch free glass and great details.


As an absolutely fan of everything black (I find it incredibly elegant and stylish), this watch is fitting perfectly into my style. I can wear it with pretty much every outfit and piece of clothe I can find in my wardrobe. I love the clean, simple look and in the same time the bold and expressive.

Chriscopenhagen watch black
Proud owner of the watch! <3

For me this is more then just a watch, simply because of the story behind the brand and the story behind each one of these timepieces. I appreciate when a product comes with a story, as it makes me feel incredibly proud to wear it.

Danish watch brand Chriscopenhagen
Ahh this black on black…. <3

Chriscopenhagen black watch

I am absolutely impressed by how beautiful the watch sits on my wrist and the way it fits with most of my outfits. As a person who is obsessed with the color black – this watch can not be more perfect for me! <3 I think the brand has done a great job with their products and I will admit there are few other designs I would love to own as well.

Sponsored by ChrisCopenhagen

ChrisCopenhagen sort ur dayana blogger

You can shop ChrisCopenhagen watches HERE.

That’s it for today guys. Hope you enjoyed this entry and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. Have a great start of the week and enjoy your day. Talk to you soon.

Much love <3



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      Yess indeed! <3 I am so in love with the watch! Super gorgeous!

      Much love <3

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