Hey guys,

I hope you are doing well. I am definitely very busy with my job, but still finding time for meeting with people, going on casual coffee dates and going a bit wilder some of the weekends. I honestly can’t live without my social contacts and no matter how busy or tired I am, I try to find time for J and my closest friends. Time management can be challenging but it is not impossible for sure. My favourite time is of course in the weekends when I have time to do slow stuff – walks, long coffee dates, etc.

For those kind of occasions, casual elegant outfits is what I find most fitting. Lately I am so in love with my new grey coat, that this has become a favourite casual elegant outwear for me. To complement this great coat from Reserved, I got those black suede boots, which turned out to be one of the most comfortable shoes I have gotten lately.
Dayana fashion, lifestyle blogger

Dayana fashion, lifestyle blogger

I usually go with a pair of jeans and some knitwear to feel cozy and warm in these cold winter days.  A scarf is also a must for me, no matter the outfit as I think it complements pretty much every style.

Dayana fashion, lifestyle blogger

And OMG, I loooooove those days when I can just go out with my small bag from RE:DESIGNED by Dixie. Sometimes I just feel so tired of my heavy everyday huge bag which is a complete mess from the inside, haha.

Dayana fashion, lifestyle blogger

That is what I usually wear when being in town, going to elegant or casual events. All in all this is my “all around” outfit.

I hope you guys, enjoyed that short post and I would love to hear how do you manage your time and what is your favourite casual elegant kind of outfit. Thanks for reading.

Much love <3

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