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Hello there, lovely people. My name is Dayana, I am 24 years, interested in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and working with Online marketing and Social media. My life is completely ordinary, right now at the stand of building a life and a career.

I love life and the opportunities it gives me to experience and enjoy. I love clothes and fashion, make up and all in all everything most young women like me enjoy. I love shopping and I do believe in spending money on something that “takes your breath away”, no matter the money or the brand.

One of my biggest passions though are my friends and I just LOVE spending quality time with them. And by “quality” I mean even a cup of coffee where I am able to have an honest and intelligent conversation, no matter the topic. Being able to share everything I am happy or sad about with people I can trust is something I feel blessed about. Other then the described above, I love dancing (especially classical ballet), having fun and spending time with the man that stole my heart.

Therefore I have decided to share with all my lovely followers a place, where I tell about my everyday life, what I experience and learn of life. I have put a lot of thought, what to be blogging about, but honestly what can be better than my biggest passions and hobbies and everything that makes and describes: me. I would love to read your comments and opinions and learn what your thoughts are about different topics.

Thanks for reading, lovelies!

Much love <3
xo xo

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