Stress – we experience it every day

We all go through stressful situations, sometimes bigger, sometimes minor. But stress is a part of our life and it is often that a thing like a broken nail for example, can give us a tiny bit of stress. Even though many times it is not a huge thing, it still makes fill a tiny, short stress. I find it very important to be able to handle the stress and to get over it, so it doesn’t build up and lead to a more complicated issues and condition. Here are the 5 things that really help me relax and beat stress:

Talk, talk, talk

Talking to my closest people about what happened or why I feel bad have always been my number 1 to deal with stress and fear. I found out that not sharing and letting it out of my system is only making it get worse and I continue worrying and making the problem even bigger. Sharing my issues with my best friends have always helped me to relax a bit more and look at the situation from another angle, because of course when another person who is not in it, can look much more clear at the things. It is great to hear another opinion and angle, one that is not in the situation. We tend to sometimes make problems seem way worse then they probably are and it is a huge relieve to talk with someone who can help you see it more clear. Of course it doesn’t solve my problem or stress, but it definitely helps relieving it and looking at things in a better and more rational way. I feel so grateful to have such good friends in my life, which are always willing to listen when I need it and to put me back on track, by showing me it is not as worse as I think it is in the moment of the situation. Share, it really helps more than holding it back.

Taking a walk alone

I always find it incredibly calming to take a walk alone, preferably around nature and water. I am lucky in this way that I live 1 minute away from the water, which I highly appreciate. But even if I didn’t have that, I still find taking a walk alone as extremely relaxing. It gives me the opportunity to clear my head, think about what is going on and how big the problem actually is. I can definitely see the things more clearly and put them on the weight – is this stress really necessary or is it not as bad as I thought it was? As I mentioned above, it is very common that when in a stressful situation our vision is blurred and our thoughts just flow fast, without us rationally thinking of the size of the problem. Stress is bad for us and our bodies and minds, but is of course inescapable. Everyone experience it and putting things in perspective and looking at how bad the situation actually it is and that it can always be worse, helps me dealing with it. Going for a run by yourself is also very very helpful, but as I am not that much of a running person, I mostly walk, haha! 😀 Anyway it is good to be alone with our thoughts and be able to think it through again, while enjoying a fresh air and good nature.

Aromatherapy at home

Lighting aroma candles at home is one of my favourite and most relaxing activities. I always do that, when I am stressed and it always makes thing better. Dimming the light and lighting candles, while listening to chill music and enjoying a good and intriguing book is really really calming for me. I believe in the power of scents and I do thing they influence our mood and mind. I have aroma sticks, candles and sachets around my apartment and I do really think they only contribute for a calmer mood. May be it is not true, or may be it is, doesn’t really matter. It is important that a dimmed light, candles, blanket and a sofa is a favourite activity and one of the best ways for me to calm myself down and recharge with a positive energy. A long stressful day at work/school, bad encounter or just a bad day, can always get a bit better if I end it with a cozy time for myself. I sometimes accompany this coziness with a glass of whine which I enjoy by myself, but even without this it is already an incredibly calming and relaxing atmosphere to free my mind.

TV shows are my best friend

Everyone who knows me well can tell how much I love watching series and how hooked I can get. This is an absolute favourite thing of mine – to sit on the sofa with a blanket and coffee and just watch my favourite tv shows. It takes my mind away and I am able not to constantly think about different situations and overthink what is going on. It is really good for me to dive in something else and stop overthinking, as it can really lead to a much more stress to overanalyse. It can make everything much worse then it is and that is why I love to relax my mind, by not thinking about anything and simply watching my series. I am however so easily hooked so sometimes it can be way too hard for me not to play another episode, even though I need to finish some tasks or do something more productive. But well… it can be balanced and I am still trying to improve at doing that. 😀

Doing something creative

It always helps me take my mind off things, if I put my concentration in something else – for example doing something creative. This can be a lot of different things for different people – drawing, playing music, writing, putting outfits together, taking pictures, etc. When I am stressed or sad about something, I love taking pictures or if I see it is not really my most creative day in this area, I can simply go out, stroll the shops and try put outfits together in my mind, haha. I sometimes enjoy browsing and marking things I would like to have, creating folders with bookmarks of things on my wish list. I find this to some extent creative as well and it is a great way to put my mind into this instead of thinking over and over again about stressful situation or a problem. I enjoy editing pictures, or simply writing. It is really relaxing and helps me concentrate on the activity instead of my inner fear/ stress.

These were the 5 ways I deal with stress and I would love to hear number 6 from you. I love to learn from people, get inspired and hear what they do in different situations, that helps them cope with things. Therefore I will be glad to hear how you cope with stress – bigger or smaller, and how you take your mind of things and stop from overanalysing and overthinking it. I hope you found this post helpful or inspiring and that you enjoyed reading it. I definitely wanted to share as I also like to read about other people’s suggestions. Learning from each other and helping is the best thing in our world of technology. We can get inspired for pretty much everything. I enjoyed writing this very personal post and I hope you will give some great suggestions about dealing with stressful situations as well. Thanks for stopping by and for reading.

Talk to you soon!

Much love <3

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