October 2017


Autumn Love: Why Is This One of The Best Seasons

Autumn – the season of colours and one of my favourites. I love Fall so much, because it has this earthy vibe and I feel super connected to the nature and our planet. It is enchantingly gorgeous with all its beautiful colours of the leaves falling from the trees, the golden shades, the fog and the slightly colder weather. It really reminds me that my most favourite time of the year and my number 1 most adored holiday is coming – Christmas. Fall for me is the time before that, where the summer clothes are almost put away, but not quite, as we never know when Autumn will surprise us with a late summer day. Here are the things I most love about the Autumn season and a typical Fall outfit I would usually wear: Autumn Nature Walks As I mentioned before, one of my favourite things about Autumn is the…

ChrisCopenhagen Watch – a must have timepiece

Hey guys! Hope you are doing well and had a good weekend. Mine was incredibly busy, but super fun and entertaining, celebrating a double family birthday. Anyway, this post is about something else – sharing some details and snaps of this gorgeous black watch from the fascinating danish brand ChrisCopenhagen. I got it last week and I seriously couldn’t wait for it to arrive as it is exactly the type of watch I have been wanting to own forever. <3 ChrisCopenhagen – black on black Black is a classic, but black on black is an unique and incredibly stylish combination. Have been wanting to own this design for a while now and I was lucky to find this beautiful and bold timepiece by ChrisCopenhagen. More then just a watch Created by the successful businessman Chris Kaiser Sørensen, the brand offers a big diversity of male and female watches, fitting every preference…